Pacific Food & Beverage Museum Grand Opening


The contributions of immigrants, indigenous peoples, and innovators to the way we eat and drink are often overlooked. The Pacific Food & Beverage Museum (PacFAB), a division of the nonprofit National Food & Beverage Foundation (NatFAB), showcases the work of those who have shaped, and continue to shape, our nation’s cuisine and illustrates the rich culinary traditions of California, the American West, Pacific Rim, and beyond. Led by Director Tracey Mitchell, the Los Angeles-based PacFAB takes an expansive and inquisitive approach to its programs, examining the past, present, and future of food and drink. NatFAB’s growing West Coast operations, the home of Nitty Grits Media, feature gallery
exhibitions, curated dinners, mixology seminars, film, television, and radio development, and other programs.

OPENING EXHIBITIONS (On View Through Spring 2018):

  • The Age of Elegance: An exhibition of Victorian-era culinary and mixology artifacts, menus, and ephemera from
    private collections from 1859-1950, curated by Jeffrey Pogash.
  • Shakers, Knives, and Irons: Documenting the evolution of chef and bartender tattoos and featuring photographs
    by Romney Caruso.
  • Stirred, Shaken, Still: A sampling of cocktail and spirits artifacts from the MOTAC Los Angeles Collection.

For more information on the museum and events, visit

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