Orange County Restaurateurs, Farmers & Purveyors to the Rescue


Even in the face of the massive troubles in the hospitality and restaurant industries, local

Orange County restaurateurs, farmers & purveyors have come to the rescue with hospital deliveries: OC Baking Company has delivered fresh bread to more than dozen local urgent care and emergency rooms throughout the county to help nourish those who work 12+ hour shifts and are unable to pick up food and are eating on the run.

Now, an effort led by Break of Dawn Chef/Owner Dee Nguyen, OC Baking Company Baker/Owner Dean Kim, Crema Artisan Cafe Baker/Owner Tarit Tanjasiri, with the assistance of volunteers from TIP of Orange County, a non-profit that responds to trauma victims and assists citizens in crisis, these Urgent Care and ER workers will deliver a very special delivery of home-made Chicken Noodle Soup. Also involved in this act of generosity to acknowledge the hard work and long hours put in by our local healthcare workers, are Glenn Tanaka of Tanaka Farms and Solutions for Urban Agriculture, who have donated their fresh produce for the chicken noodle soup.

Today’s inaugural delivery will reach more than 300 workers and their families with a nourishing gesture — Break of Dawn has made more than 300 multi-serving containers of  soup, OC Baking Company has baked more than 1,000 loaves of bread, and Crema has baked more than 1,000 cookies.

Those interested in assisting in feeding local healthcare workers who are on the front lines battling for our community’s safety, may contact Dee Nguyen at [email protected] Any assistance will be accepted, from hands-on kitchen assistance, to product or monetary donations.

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