No Kid Hungry: Protect Hungry Children from Budget Politics


Join No Kid Hungry in the effort to protect America’s children

The proposed budget resolution from the House of Representatives would cripple efforts to feed America’s hungry children. Your voice is needed to defeat these heartless proposals.

These cuts would be devastating to millions of children in America. We’re working with hunger groups, educators, and our network of partners around the nation to stand up for children and stop these cuts. Now we need your help.

Please raise your voice for hungry children. Tell the House of Representatives TODAY that cuts to federal nutrition programs in the House budget resolution would hurt children and our country.

Among the proposed cuts is a massive $150 billion reduction to the SNAP program, one of most powerful tools we have for ending childhood hunger in this country. It would also dramatically cut the program that helps more than 9 million kids get the school meals they need to grow up healthy, educated and strong.

With these cuts, more children will go hungry. It’s that simple.

We will never have a strong America if we do not have strong Americans; so today we have a choice. We can stand by and allow the destruction of programs that give a more level playing field to children, making sure they get the basic food, care and skills they desperately need.

Or we can stand up and fight for these children.

Please tell the House of Representatives not to cripple nutrition programs that help hungry children.

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