Newport Beach Film Festival: Culinary Series


The Newport Beach Film Festival is thrilled to expand its non-fiction programming with the introduction of the 2018 Culinary Film Series, a new documentary film program that celebrates emerging and prominent gourmet chefs, the art of gastronomy, international food culture, and the craft of winemaking and distilling.

From the Burgundy Hills of France to the Michelin star restaurants of San Sebastian to the ramen shops of Tokyo, the 2018 program spotlights eight films that explore a mouthwatering array of flavorful regional and local cuisines of the culinary world. Filled with cinematic artistry, the films go behind the scenes into bustling kitchens of renown restaurants, to remote rural villages, into potager gardens and vineyards of today’s chefs, vintners, and distillers. The films capture the fascinating stories of these passionate creators and reveal the challenges, triumphs and the vital ingredients essential to achieving success in the culinary industry.

The first of the screenings begins in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 1st.

To view the full schedule of culinary screenings, visit

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