Negroni Week Leading Charity

Inspire Artistic Minds actively involved in Negroni Week


A leading charity involved in Negroni Week, Inspire Artistic Minds (IAM) is a main non-profit selected by those participating in Negroni Week. Previously featured in Imbibe and Tasting Panel magazine, IAM was listed as one of the leading charities involved.  Inspire Artistic Minds offers opportunity scholarships in the hospitality fields of taste, sight and sound, with a strong focus on the food and beverage industry. By focusing on the growth of the local economy, small businesses, and the passionate individuals involved, it’s no surprise that restaurants and bars around the country have chosen our charity to be their recipient, and we have accepted graciously.

IAM is creating programs for culinary, libation, and visual artists bridging gaps of mentorship and networking.  We also offer scholarships for individuals looking to complete certification programs, attend seminars, classes, or other educational experiences. Funds raised help: bartenders education, culinary education for cooks, and even classes and museum visits for visual artists.

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