Meet the Culinary + Cocktail Clash Champs


Teams of high school students and restaurant executives took part in a fast-paced, high-stakes cooking competition on June 2, 2019 at GardenWalk in Anaheim.

Each restaurant team made a donation to be part of the battle royale with a few teams raising extra through peer-to-peer fundraising. Specialty Restaurants Corporation and Urban Plates raised the most money for high school enrichment programs such as field trips, job training, and classroom equipment.

The restaurant community came together in a big way to provide inspiring mentor experiences and to raise an incredible $103,000 for CRAF programs – cheers to that!

Culinary Clash Champs:

  • The Purse – Specialty Restaurants Corp. + Urban Plates
  • Coca-Cola Champ – California Fish Grill
  • Golden Plate Champ – Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse
  • The Innovator Award – Specialty Restaurants Corp.
  • On the Menu Award – BJ’s Restaurants
  • People’s Choice – Black Bear Diner
  • Teamwork Champ – Specialty Restaurants Corp.
  • Ecolab Champ – Wedgewood Weddings
  • KitchenAid Champ – Banana Bay
  • Foster Farms Champ – Black Bear Diner
  • FreshPoint Secret Ingredient Champ – Urban Plates
  • Team Spirit Award – California Fish Grill
  • Best Bite Champ – Pacifica Hotels
  • Mentor of the Year – Black Bear Diner

Cocktail Clash Champs:

  • Tito’s Golden Goblet – Specialty Restaurants Corp.
  • Coca-Cola Champ – Pacifica Hotels
  • Best Garnish Award – BJ’s Restaurants
  • The Craftiest – Shinobi
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