Madison Square & Garden to be adjusted by new owner


The Madison Square & Garden, previously owned by Jon Madison, has changed ownership to Liang Fang, also known by Bill, who is an experienced restaurateur that is from Shanghai. Bill is also currently working to open a hot pot concept in Irvine.

Madison Square & Garden will experience some changes, while other decor and structure will remain the same. The exterior will remain fairly similar, while the interior will be expanded upon; the food prep area will grow in the kitchen and new equipment will be involved to help expedite ticket orders.

Jon, the previous owner, opened Madison Square & Garden in 1997 and enjoyed his time in Laguna Beach, but had plans to retire to Palm Springs for a change in scenery. Bill has several exciting prospects for the location, and has considered a name change to the “Old House Garden Cafe.”

Check back for more information.

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