Local Indoor Farm Yields 16 Acres of Organic Living Greens


Irvine Indoor Farm Yields 16 Acres of Organic Produce using 93% Less Water in California Drought

USDA Certified Organic farm, Urban Produce combines state-of-the-art hydroponics with innovative technology to Urban Produce Irvine Grow Stackyield an organic harvest year round. Specializing in organic microgreens, wheatgrass, basils, herbs, and leafy greens, Urban Produce separates itself from conventional farming by offering a sustainable alternative to traditional agriculture.

“Today we must think differently about crop production and account for climate change, depleted natural resources, population growth and availability of land,” commented Urban Produce President & CEO Ed Horton. “We developed our High Density Vertical Growing System to be a sustainable alternative to traditional agriculture, utilizing advanced hydroponic technologies in a controlled environment.”

Using their patented High Density Vertical Growing System (HDVGS), Urban Produce efficiently grows 16 acres of organic produce using only 1/8 of an acre, while using 93% less water, and absolutely no herbicides or pesticides. The indoor growing unit rotates hanging carriers layered with seeded trays throughout the a climate controlled environment, distributing equal light and air flow to each plant. In the rotation, the carriers cycle through a watering station where a specified dose of water and organic nutrients are dispersed, tailored to the individual plant’s needs.

Urban-ProduceUrban Produce further differentiates itself from conventional farms yielding similar crops by selling living product. Available for retail, juice bars and foodservices, all produce is packaged and shipped with the roots attached. Multiple foodservices distributors including Ingardia Bros. Produce, Inc. and Family Tree, among others have begun distributing a variety of Urban Produce microgreen blends to meet the increased demands of California restaurants. Their products are also available for retail purchase at supermarkets including Albertson’s, Von’s, Fresh & Easy, Gelson’s Markets, as well as e-commerce sites offering home delivery like Good Eggs, Farmers Market by Overstock and Open Taste.

Urban Produce is located at 1 Marconi Suite F in Irvine, California. For more information, visit www.urbanproduce.com

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