Lee’s Sandwich Recall


lee's-sandwhichesGarden Grove-based LQNN, Inc., which operates as Lee’s Sandwiches, is now recalling more than 440,000 pounds of chicken, beef and pork products that were produced before May 26, according to the USDA.

USDA officials said the added products should have been included in the first recall, which started May 20 and was limited to about 213,000 pounds of meat products that weren’t inspected, and they bore an unauthorized inspection label.

The USDA reports that ‘Lee’s Sandwiches, has been processing products from federally-inspected establishments and re-packaging them without the benefit of inspection. Products produced without inspection present potential of increased human health risk.

The recalled products include:

  • 54,509 -lb. of ‘Banh Bao Pork & Egg Steamed Bun.
  • 15,147 -lb. of ‘Banh Bao Trung Cut Pork & Quail Egg Steamed Bun Vietnamese Style.
  • 55,114 -lb. of ‘PORK PATE CHAUD (LARGE).
  • 6,016.5-lb. of ‘PORK PATE CHAUD (SMALL).
  • 50,036-lb. of ‘CHICKEN PATE CHAUD (LARGE).
  • 6,184.5-lb of ‘CHICKEN PATE CHAUD (SMALL).
  • 2,453.5-lb. of ‘SLICED SALAMI MEAT with wine FULLY COOKED.
  • 222.25-lb. of 4-oz. plastic containers of ‘FRUITBEEF JERKY (Kho Bo).
  • 352-lb. of 4-oz. plastic containers of ‘B.B.Q.BEEF JERKY (Kho Bo).
  • 354-lb. of 4-oz. plastic containers of ‘CurryBEEF JERKY (Kho Bo).

In a statement, Lee’s Sandwiches said the recalled food went to Lee’s locations in California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada Oklahoma and Texas.

Neither the USDA nor the firm has received any reports of adverse reactions to the recalled products, USDA officials said. People who may be having an adverse reaction should see a health care provider.


posted by Andrea Gonzalez 6/2/15


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