Laguna Beach Restaurateurs Chime In


by Diane Armitage

In the third and last part of my series on Laguna Beach Restaurants: A Decade in Review, many of our restaurateurs and chefs chime in on where the biggest and most challenging changes have occurred in the last 10 years, both nationally and in Laguna Beach. It’s an interesting view into their world! See: Chiming In – Part III

In case you missed the first two parts in the series, Laguna Beach Restaurants: A Decade in Review, here are the links again:

Now vs. Then – Part I

How many restaurants do we have in Laguna Beach NOW vs. January, 2010? And, what surprising trends are we seeing as more restaurants climb on board?  Restaurants in Laguna, Part 1

The Groundswell – Part II

Who started the culinary revolution in Laguna Beach? This article covers the evolution of our dining scene as well as the biggest losses and gains in the most recent decade.  Restaurants in Laguna, Part 2

Read more from our source: The Best of Laguna Beach

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