Independent Restaurant Coalition Update


September marks six months since Independent Restaurant Coalition began their fight to save independent restaurants and bars. In that time, they’ve made excellent progress, introducing bipartisan legislation and galvanizing supporters across the country to join their movement. They’re still working to pass the RESTAURANTS Act and get the industry the relief needed. Here’s the latest from Capitol Hill:

Nearly 50% of Congress has signed on to the RESTAURANTS Act
This week, they reached the milestone of earning 200 cosponsors in the House. 40 Senators have also signed on, bringing them to 240 across both chambers. Key leaders are taking notice: Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently voiced her support, calling our bill very important to do.

Congress must act now to pass COVID-19 relief
With the Supreme Court vacancy, Congress will likely stay in D.C. for the time being. Focusing on that task without passing additional relief for those in need — including their 500,000 businesses and 11 million workers — just isn’t right. They’re making this known to Congress and are demanding they pass additional stimulus, including the RESTAURANTS Act, as soon as possible. Email your reps and use the lobby kit to make your voice heard.

Getting lawmakers’ attention in D.C.
Over the past few weeks, they’ve been placing Save Restaurants posters in key establishments, hoping to generate more awareness and get lawmakers’ attention. If you haven’t already, please use and share their posters and takeout flyers which can be found on the resources page.

Independent Restaurant Coalition Update

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