Hopscotch Now Franchising


Hopscotch Now Franchising in Canada and United States

Toronto Based Fast Casual Restaurant Looks to Spread Health And Build Communities By Growing Through Franchising

Toronto, Canada, January 10, 2017— Hopscotch, the health-conscious Toronto based fast casual restaurant, has partnered with franchise development company, Fransmart, to expand the concept through franchising.

Brothers Aiden and Wyatt Booth founded Hopscotch on three commitments; better food, better communities, and a better planet. The Canadian based restaurant, which currently has units in Toronto and London, Ontario, ensures ingredients are fresh by sourcing them from local farmers. Almost every item in the restaurant is sustainable, compostable, or reclaimed to minimize environmental impact.

Hopscotch is also dedicated to their community by donating all proceeds from the shop’s opening day to a local school and investing in teaching children proper healthy eating habits.

Hopscotch’s sleek and clean design, chef inspired menu items, and socially responsible messaging was designed to appeal to today’s younger millennial consumer. According to Nielsen, 72% of millennials are willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact. Millennials are also 38% more likely to buy natural and organic products than older generations.

Today’s consumers expect to know where their food comes from and the Booth brothers understand the importance of this transparency. Hopscotch plans to manage all local ingredient sourcing through its strong partner network so franchisees can benefit from the power of local sourcing without the hassle of establishing and managing multiple relationships.

“We created Hopscotch to positively impact local communities and the environment while serving really great and healthy foods to today’s customers. We’re ready to partner with experienced franchisees looking to add a modern and healthy concept with great unit economics to their portfolio in major markets across the United States and Canada,” company co-founder Wyatt Booth was quoted saying.

About Hopscotch:

Hopscotch is a fast-casual concept restaurant with locations in London and Toronto, Ontario. The restaurant offers chef-inspired dishes made with locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Their menu hosts a mélange of traditional and innovative dishes ranging from organic salads, rice and quinoa bowls, smoothies and juice along with locally roasted coffee.

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