Historic Anaheim White House Destroyed in Fire

Nearly 50 percent of the restaurant was engulfed in flames upon firefighters' arrival


One of Orange County’s culinary gems, the Anaheim White House, burned down in a fire early Saturday morning, leaving Restaurateur and philanthropist, Bruno Serato, without a venue for the much-anticipated 30th Anniversary celebration, among other assets lost in the flames.

No one was hurt, but the restaurant suffered over $1 million in damage. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

For more information on this tragic event, visit www.ocregister.com.

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About Anaheim White House:

The 1909 Colonial-style mansion was converted into a restaurant now owned by Sir Bruno Serato, who FEEDS PASTA EACH NIGHT TO 2,000 POOR CHILDREN from the restaurant’s kitchen.  He has done so for more than a decade.  Bruno is an Italian immigrant who came to the U.S. with $50 in his pocket and through hard work saved the money to open his restaurant 30 years ago.  Bruno is known worldwide for feeding the children, finding housing for their families and helping at-risk youth land jobs in the hospitality field.  He even mortgaged his own home during the recession to keep his charity work going.

Now he needs your help to rebuild the Anaheim White House and restore his dream. He also needs to help his staff who are now unemployed.  He has fire insurance, but it will not adequately cover the rebuild nor help his employees or charitable works.

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