Gusto Bread on the Rise in Long Beach




english / enjoyment or vigor in doing something; zest, style of artistic execution

spanish / taste, flavor, liking, pleasure, whim, relish, savor

Gusto Bread is a cottage bakery in Long Beach, CA, owned and operated by Arturo Enciso, with a focus on naturally leavened breads, an emphasis on organic ingredients, & baked in a stone oven. What makes the products so special is the unique relationship he has with each one of his wholegrain suppliers, including Bluebird Grain FarmsFarmer MaiTehachapi Grain Project, and T&A Farms.

Gusto Bread sources their bread out to local restaurants and coffee shops, such as Wide Eyes Open Palms, James Republic, Roe Seafood, and Rose Park Roasters, all located in Long Beach.

In the past, Arturo’s clientele picked up their specialty orders out of his home location. Starting at the end of June, Gusto Bread began hosting a table at the Wednesday’s Local Harvest Farmers Market located at Appian Way & Nieto, Appian Way, Long Beach, CA 90814, right at the edge of Marine Stadium.

Consumers are now able to swing by and pick up their pre-ordered bread from 3-8 pm at the market, or purchase some on the spot while supplies last. Delivery is also an option for orders over $10, and are sent out between 11 am- 1:30 pm.

To view their selections and to order, visit

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