Governor Brown, sign this bill: guarantee free school meals


Months and months of tireless hours pushing critical school meals legislation through the California legislature have led to this moment. Finally, free school meals are within reach for 650,000 more kids.

The only thing that stands between those meals and kids? Governor Brown.

These 650,000 kids can’t speak for themselves but we sure can. Email Governor Brown right now and tell him to sign SB138 and make school meals more accessible.

Senate Bill 138 will provide much-needed resources to schools with high rates of poverty enabling them to provide all students access to free school breakfast and lunch. More than that, it could also bring up to $15 million in federal funds to California every year.

Either way you slice it, its a win-win for California. Help this bill over the finish line. Tell Governor Brown to sign the bill.

Thanks for helping us ensure that every kid in California gets healthy food every day.

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