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Culinary medicine is the practice of using real food to restore health, reduce side effects of conventional treatments, and improve quality of life. But it can only be effective through culinary education, positive social support, and rigorous nutrition research. This is where the Gold Apron Society will impact thousands of childhood cancer families.

Founded by MaxLove Project (MLP), a national 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families thrive against childhood cancers through whole body wellness, the Gold Apron Society gives leading chefs and professionals in the hospitality industry a platform for championing culinary medicine in the fight against cancer. Together we understand that culinary literacy and real food are powerful tools that can improve quality of life and lower health risks for all cancer patients and survivors.
Our chef and restaurant partners are leaders in our communities who recognize the value of food as medicine. They are using their unique skills and talents to take a stand in support of essential culinary medicine education and research to further our understanding of the role of nutrition in fighting cancer.

You Can Be a Part of this Groundbreaking Movement

The Gold Apron Society is an exclusive community of chefs, restaurateurs, and real food advocates dedicated to raising funds and awareness for culinary medicine and nutrition/cancer research that benefit childhood cancer families.

From teaching kitchens to laboratories to the family table, the Gold Apron Society recognizes that the power of real food is key to improving quality of life and long-term outcomes for children and families affected by cancer. Our goal is to tie what chefs and restaurants do every day to the daily courageous battles faced by childhood cancer families. You can be a part of this groundbreaking movement in culinary medicine by joining our campaign to support high-impact culinary medicine and cancer research programs.

  • In Orange County, California we are raising $250,000 to build a state-of-the art, flagship culinary medicine teaching kitchen.
  • In Phoenix, Arizona we are raising $100,000 to support cutting-edge research on nutritional therapies for brain cancer at Barrow Neurological Institute of Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Childhood cancer and its treatments often have disabling side-effects and lead to life-threatening health problems years later. By age 45, 85% of childhood cancer survivors have a life-threatening health condition. Optimal nutrition through real food is key for ensuring every child diagnosed with cancer thrives in treatment and beyond.

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