Glasspar Implements Patented PPE for Staff and New Safety Measures


Glasspar in Dana Point is ready to safely reopen. Chef-owner Rob Wilson and his team have gone through California’s 12-page document and 90-point guideline for resuming dine-in service. Since the guidelines were released last week, Glasspar has retrofitted their restaurant and made adjustments to service to meet and exceed the State’s proposed guidelines by removing tables, installing sanitizing stations, and providing the staff with RealShield™ PPE.

While many of the State’s Individual Control Measures and Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols were already part of Glasspar’s standard operating procedure, Wilson has implemented the following additional safety measures:

For Guests

– Installed hands-free door openers to restroom doors

– Added 6 additional EcoLab sanitizing stations available to guests throughout the restaurant

– An overnight cleaning crew will disinfect the restaurant with a COVID-19-sanitizing fog, twice a week

– All surfaces will be thoroughly sanitized with EcoLab’s peroxide disinfectant (recommended for COVID-19 disinfecting)

– Reconfigured and removed tables so that guests will dine a minimum of 6-feet apart (the 8,000 square foot restaurant can still safely seat over 200 guests)

– Redesigned menus for single use

PPE for Employees

– Front of house employees given cloth-lined clear face masks

– Cloth is recommended by the State, and allows the mask to be breathable and anti-fogging

– The clear plastic allows the staff to serve guests with a smile and accommodate deaf and hearing-impaired guests who rely on reading lips

– Back of house employees given RealShield™ full-face shields patented by Racing Optics

    • protects eyes, nose, and mouth from airborne particles
    • heat-resistant and anti-fogging
    • durable, lightweight, shatterproof
    • attaches to any visor or hat

“In addition to ensuring the safety of our guests and staff, it is important to me to foster the connection that is created between them. It’s important to us to be able to convey to our guests how genuinely happy we are to see them, while ensuring both their safety and the safety of our staff,” Wilson said. “These clear face shields and masks allow us to continue to welcome and serve guests with a smile, while meeting all the safety requirements set forth by the State.”

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