FREE Webinar Tomorrow: Seafood Traceability in the Technical Age


FREE WEBINAR:  Follow the Fish – Seafood Traceabil ity in the Technical Age

Wednesday, January 6th 2 01 6
11:00AM – 12:00PM EST
With fraud and mislabeling on the rise, companies within the seafood industry are on the lookout for solutions that best provide supply chain transparency and reinforce commitments to sustainability.

Join me tomorrow, as I speak with Keith Flett, Pod Director at Future of Fish on the topic of seafood traceability and its future.

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Continue the Conversation:
Continue the conversion by attending the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in St. Julian’s, Malta held February 1-3, 2016. The Summit brings together global representatives from the seafood industry with leaders from the conservation community, academia, government and the media. The goal of the Summit is to define success and advance solutions in sustainable seafood by fostering dialogue and partnerships that lead to an enviornmentally, socially and economically sustainable seafood marketplace.

Topics addressed at the Summit will focus on the success and innovation in sustainable seafood that will lead us into the future — the challenges, strategies and emerging issues that will shape the marketplace a decade from now.

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