Free Business Plan Program for Family Farmers


Piggy Bank Launches Business Plan Development Program to Help Family Farms

Small family farmers raising heritage breed pigs catch a break during challenging times.

Piggy Bank, whose mission is to preserve and protect endangered breeds of heritage pigs and support family farmers creating safe food, has launched a new Business Plan Development Program this week. At the core of the program, a 50+ page Business Plan template designed to help niche pork farmers develop customized business plans, organize their financials, and streamline marketing strategies. The template Business Plan is open access, meaning “free to download and share” with thousands of independent farmers and restaurants across the country.
“Our Business Plan is a tool that will equip farmers with resources needed to develop a viable business plan and a personalized pathway to sustainable and responsible pig farming in an already challenging marketplace,” said Brady Lowe, Program Director of Piggy Bank. “This business plan program was specifically designed to provide niche farmers with a business plan template that can help sustain their operations, increase revenues and improve their chance of survival.”
Future farmers and existing farmers are invited to enter the Business Plan Development Program by visiting Piggy Bank’s website and downloading a free business plan template packed full of insight and resources. Farmers then complete an online application and share their business plan with Piggy Bank’s Advisory Board. The Board, consisting of industry professionals, provides guidance in an open forum collaborative process. Farms finishing the process will be gifted genetically pure piglets to start or enlarge a farm. More importantly, the program helps existing farmers replace breeding stock due to natural disasters or disease.
By providing easily accessible information about sustainable heritage breed farming practices, farmers have a greater chance of success, thus increasing the availability of higher quality, sustainable pork available in local and regional foods systems throughout the country. For more information, go to Questions can be directed to Cindy Hassett via email: [email protected].

Download the business plan here

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