Fox Chapel Announces Open Call for Recipes for New Cookbook


Fox Chapel Publishing is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with Hormel Foods to produce a SPAM®-themed cookbook titled You Won’t Believe It’s SPAM: 100+ Delicious Recipes.

The first-ever official SPAM® cookbook, each recipe will incorporate SPAM® into the recipe in a creative and delicious way. From teriyaki fried rice to jalapeño cheddar biscuits and cheese macaroni bake, the book will include recipes that will inspire breakfast ideas, appetizers, main courses, and of course snacks!

In addition to including one-hundred recipes, Fox Chapel Publishing will also be inviting celebrity chefs to contribute recipes and photographs of their unique SPAM® creations. Each contributor will have the opportunity to feature their website and social media handles in the book. The book will be sold into major distribution channels and will also be part of a major national media outreach campaign.

If you are interested in submitting a recipe or have questions, email Elizabeth Martins at [email protected]com with the subject line: COOKBOOK CONTRIBUTION.

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