Foodworks Debuts The ALIST, A One-stop Show to Bring Top Culinary Talent and Celebrity Chefs To Events and Workplaces


As events across the country return to in-person in the New Year, Chicago-based FOODWORKS is pleased to announce The ALIST program. The ALIST brings America’s current, up-and-coming and celebrity chefs to your next party or event with cooking demos, catering and more unique offerings available to fit a wide range of needs.

“The ALIST program is like your personal concierge to the country’s best chefs,” remarked John Coker, FOODWORKS’ president. “We are excited to offer this new option and experience, which can be curated to meet the needs of any event and create truly memorable experiences—from unique catering at sporting events and large-scale events, to workplaces that are looking for ways to engage employees back at the office, and much more.”

FOODWORKS offers multiple tiers and options for this program, allowing every party and organization to find the right chef and culinary expert for them. Various examples and options include:

  • Some of the most notable celebrity chefs—recognizable from Food Network and more—are able to come to an event and cook a signature meal for guests while getting an up-close view of the cooking process.
  • Hire a favorite celebrity’s own personal chef, for a unique tasting fit for a movie star and get a behind-the-scenes of the personal chef experience.
  • Looking for a healthy start to the new year? Meet with renowned health and nutrition specialists that will provide tips and tricks to healthy cooking and dining.
  • Looking for something a little more niche or specific? FOODWORKS has a roster of chefs that are top specialists in their cuisine, cater to a particular region or style—offering a unique experience to learn about traditional cooking methods right from the expert, from James Beard Award winners, Michelin-starred chefs and more.

In addition to the ALIST program, FOODWORKS is known for partnering with local businesses, artisans and restaurants and providing them with spaces within corporate cafeterias, universities, food halls and much more. The new Market Cafe Powered By FOODWORKS now has locations at the historic French Legation in Austin, Texas, and in large workplaces, such as the 300 North LaSalle building in Chicago. FOODWORKS is poised for an unprecedented year of expansion into 2022, including six new Market Cafe opening in the first few months of the year.

For more information about FOODWORKS, please visit or follow @FoodworksLocal on Instagram and Facebook

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