Fire at The Cellar Restaurant


The Cellar Restaurant Caught Fire due to Mask and Safety Signs

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“We thank you for all the well wishes over the past week. Many have offered cash donations to help with the damage. While this is beyond appreciated, we are asking for your support by purchasing Gift Cards or order To-Go. If you are comfortable leaving the house, please come support the restaurants. This not only helps us, but also helps our staff during this difficult time.

For those who have supported our strong safety stance, we can’t thank you enough. Our staff is put in the uncomfortable position daily, a position we wish they didn’t have to be in, but by your understanding of our mask and temp. policy, you make the day more enjoyable. We are simply trying to keep them, and you safe by any means possible. We understand not all agree with our policy, and some are unable to wear a mask, to those of you we also appreciate your understanding and hope you are able to join us when all this is over.

Cheers, and Thank you again for your continued support.”

-Ryan Dudley

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