Farm-Fresh Eggs at Terranea


One reason breakfast at Terranea is so flavorful is their farm-fresh eggs, which come from their very own happy chickens laying eggs daily at the farm overlooking the resort. Loved and cared for as members of the Terranea family, Parmesan, Fricassee and their friends are ready to help you start your day at the resort off right.

Farm-fresh eggs are becoming more valued, and have popped up at farmers markets all over the area. But, as Terranea has figured out, having your own eggs is the next best thing!

Executive Chef Bernard Ibarra will visit the farm to check up on the chickens, and discusses the distinct improvements in having farm fresh eggs. The yolks are more vivid in color, the flavor is brighter, and thanks to quality feed provided for the chickens, the final product is better.

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