Dog Haus Announces Massive National Franchise Development


Dog Haus, the celebrated Pasadena, CA based gourmet hot dog, sausage and burger concept, has announced a development agreement with American Development Partners which will include the construction of over 300 new Dog Haus franchise locations in 12 states over the next seven years, making it one of the fastest growing food concepts in the United States. The new locations are slated to be constructed on land primarily purchased for “built to suit” and stand-alone Dog Haus Biergarten concepts, and will be operated by veteran franchisees with extensive multi-unit and multi-brand experience. The deal – which is American Development Partners’ biggest commitment to date – has a projected real estate, construction and design investment value of over $500 million.

Dog Haus currently has  21 stores open in five states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah) which will now grow to 19 states across the country with stores set to open in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, and Wyoming. With this deal, the total number of Dog Haus locations across the country, including previous franchises sold, will now total over 450 –  with 10 out of the 19 states – 20% of the country – now sold out.

The announcement of this franchise development deal follows the recent successful marketing partnership with Sony Pictures and the Seth Rogen animated film, Sausage Party.  Known for their over-the-top creations highlighting unexpected toppings and tongue-in-cheek humor, Dog Haus teamed up with former Top Chefwinner Ilan Hall to create The Naughty Dog.  Additionally, Dog Haus will continue its in-game partnerships with UCLA football at the Rose Bowl as part of their “Take it to the Haus” promotion, as well as with the Los Angeles Rams and USC football at the Los Angeles Coliseum as a stadium vendor.

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