Delius to be Closing Soon


To all the wonderful customers who have supported and enjoyed Delius, both on Cherry Ave and at the original location on Long Beach Blvd, we have some very sad news. We must announce the closing of Delius Restaurant.

Their final day of operation is scheduled for Saturday, June 30th, 2018.

We are hopeful that you will go and see them before then to say goodbye to a Long Beach / Signal Hill institution. The staff would certainly love to see all the familiar faces that they have enjoyed serving over the years.

There are many reasons that have contributed to the decision to shut the doors and the Delius team have struggled for a long time before realizing there is no other choice. Among all the factors that have affected them both locally and in the industry in general, the one issue that proved to be insurmountable was payroll. The rising minimum wage is a critical issue and every one of their dedicated employees deserves to make a wage they can live on after putting in a hard day’s work each time they clock in. Full-service restaurants have been the cornerstone of the dining experience here in California and across the country for many decades but are quickly becoming less viable as a concept.

“There is no way for us to adequately express our gratitude for the acceptance and support we have received over the almost 22 years of following our dream between both locations. On behalf of ourselves and the whole Delius Restaurant family, thank you and please come see us before we go.”

– Dave and Louise Solzman

It is their hope that by announcing the closure with this much lead time, it will somehow make it easier for all affected by it.

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