David Coleman Transitions to Breakers Roadshow


As The Sky Room service comes to a close, transitions are in the works for the iconic Breakers Hotel in Downtown Long Beach. As it begins to undergo a two-year rennovation, the hotel will be improved and embrace a new era of stylistic choices.

One of those choices includes the start of the Breakers Roadshow, a food truck that will feature American blend, brought to you by Chef David Coleman. Considering that American food is not one destinct focus, but rather a blend of cultures, Coleman plans to suggest new flavor combinations and culinary ideas.

They will potentially have some food staples on the menu, such as a burger, however the items will never stay the same for long. The food truck is a way to showcase the way the new Breakers Hotel will feel, once its two year updates have been completed.

Coleman plans on being in Long Beach twice a week, and will venture to Orange County and other LA regions on different days of the week.

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