CRA Foundation Helps Fill the Gap


to serving California’s food-service community as they work together to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. The CRAF understands the uncertainty and fear that surrounds these quickly evolving industry changes and are doing their part to help with their Restaurants Care program. They are looking to help fill the gaps where government resources are unable to provide support, while still protecting those who need it most.

At this time, due to their current resources, Restaurants Care grants are focused on restaurant workers who are:
(1) diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19)
(2) those who have been quarantined with a doctor’s note.

Secondarily, the CRAF hopes to help restaurant workers who are the caregiver for an immediate family member who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or quarantined with a doctor’s note.

They also understand that they are a safety net for those experiencing general hardship on top of COVID-19, and will continue to provide financial assistance to those in crisis due to an unexpected illness, injury or natural disaster.

The CRAF understands how important it is to employers to care for your staff, and they are continuing to evaluate their funds, explore government assistance available, and determine additional ways in which we can help many more restaurant workers during these uncertain times. They are working on a COVID-19 specific application and resource sheet and will provide an update when it becomes available. Please visit the CRA Coronavirus resource page for frequent updates on the state of the restaurant industry in California here.

For those experiencing lost wages, they recommend applying for:
Paid Family Leave

It is their goal to support as many in their restaurant community as possible. In the meantime, the CRAF encourages you to support your local food service establishments and to consider ordering take-out, delivery and buying gift cards.

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