Comfort Dinners for Laid-Off Hospitality Industry Workers


Rise & Shine Hospitality Group will be offering pre-made dinners for laid-off hospitality industry workers.

If you have been laid-off from your hospitality job feel free to come to Breakfast Republic Mission Valley between 8 am and 2 pm. They will be preparing and packaging comfort meal dinners such as meatloaf, roasted chicken, lasagna, Shepherd’s pie and so on (menu offering will change daily).

They are suggesting a $10 contribution for these meals. If you can’t afford to pay then it’s free. If you can afford more, then buy an extra one and “pass it forward” and they’ll ensure that the next laid-off worker receives their meal for free.

In an effort to ensure we can provide food to all that are in need we kindly ask that you be mindful of the number of orders you place.

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