CIA Welcomes Renowned Japanese Sake Producer to the Hudson Valley

The Culinary Institute of America welcomed Japanese sake producer Asahi Shuzo to the Hudson Valley at an event on the college’s campus on April 10. Asahi Shuzo—maker of Dassai super premium sake—will build its first U.S. brewery in Hyde Park, NY, becoming the first sake producer from Japan to establish a facility on the East Coast. The company selected the location because of its proximity to the CIA.

The two organizations have also announced a collaboration to further the education and awareness of sake in the United States. As part of the partnership, the CIA—with the support of Asahi—will be developing curriculum, certification programs, workshops, and special events and tastings. Sake plays an important role in Japanese society and these new unique education programs around sake will further the education of Japanese cuisine and culture for CIA students, food enthusiasts, food industry professionals, and other visitors to the Hudson Valley.

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