Chef’s Roll & Spiceology Challenge Chefs to Cook Sans Salt


Chefs! You have the gift of creating great flavor and sharing it with the world. But you’re used to being able to leverage two key ingredients to enhance and impart flavor in your dishes: salts and fats.

Imagine a world where salts and fats were not allowed, because eating them could mean the difference between living or dying. That might sound extreme, but it is the truth for many with kidney disease.

Bottom line, most home cooks don’t know how to develop great flavors from scratch. And, for those faced with a kidney restrictive diet, it’s even harder. Many give up on their restricted diets before they even try. And, not staying on their diet can literally cost them their lives.

That’s where Spiceology comes in. They’ve always been known for quality ingredients and flavor innovation, and they recently created 13 innovative, flavorful, salt-free blends designed to help consumers on restricted salt diets. And they formed a partnership with the National Kidney Foundation to help promote healthier eating for kidney patients who need to dramatically reduce salts and fats in their diets to help mitigate the impact of kidney disease.

Chef’s Roll has partnered with Spiceology to take it one step further. They’re introducing the “Life-or-Death Recipe Challenge,” a contest unlike any other they’ve put together. How? No salt. Low fats. And the meal needs to be something the average person can create quickly in their own kitchen. But, most importantly, it must be delicious!

The goal is to come up with 370 healthy, delicious, and simple to make recipes – one recipe for every 100,000 Americans with kidney disease (have we mentioned that 37 MILLION Americans are impacted?).

Join chefs Jeremiah Tower, Dakota Weiss, Jean-Paul Bourgeois, Stephanie Hamilton, Lawrence Duran, Earl Gray, Tim Hollingsworth, Brad Kilgore, Chad Minton, Jet Tila, Isaac Toups, Chad White and many more who are all ready to throw down for kidney patients!

Click HERE for registration and more information.

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