Chapman Crafted Coffee Debut


Chapman Crafted Beverage Company Co-Founder Wil Dee will add to his beverage business with the launch of Chapman Crafted Coffee this month. The craft coffee brand will utilize the highest quality ingredients and roasting processes, just as its sister beverage concept, Chapman Crafted Beer, which Dee started with business partner Randy Nelson in 2016.

“While Chapman Crafted Beverage Company was born with the introduction of beer, it was always meant to be more – and our specialty coffee launch is just the next in a line of beverages we intend to bring to market,” commented Dee, who is also the Founder & CEO of Old Towne Orange-based Haven Craft Kitchen+Bar. “What makes the launch of Chapman Crafted Coffee so exciting is that we are able to do it alongside Chapman Crafted Beer with the release of First Roast, a coffee porter.”

Chapman Crafted Beer’s First Roast coffee porter will feature Chapman Crafted Coffee’s premier limited release Single Origin coffee. The public will be able to enjoy the coffee porter at the Chapman Crafted Tasting Room in Old Towne Orange, where the beer will also be available for purchase in cans.

“The creation of coffee beers has actually contributed to our passion for coffee as an independent beverage. The passion behind specialty coffee is something I hope everyone will be able to taste, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world,” added Dee.


In addition to the First Roast coffee porter, Chapman Crafted Coffee will launch with the release of a signature House Blend, as well as a limited release Single Origin coffee. Each is roasted locally and will be available in 12-ounce bags online on Chapman Crafted Coffee’s website, as well as select retail locations, including the Chapman Crafted Coffee Tasting Room, Haven Craft Kitchen and Windsor Homebrew Supply Co.

“With an eye on innovation, our catalog of coffee will grow to include interesting blends, eye-popping Single-Origin releases, barrel-aged green coffee treatments, and a few other surprises along the way. The goal is to produce coffee worth talking about, sharing with others, and taking a moment to enjoy – cup after glorious cup,” added Dee.

Overseeing Chapman Crafted Coffee’s roasting process and coffee innovation is Director of Coffee, Noah Poletiek, who brings more than a decade of experience in the coffee arena. He moved into the coffee roasting and production side approximately six years ago. Prior to joining Chapman Crafted, Poletiek served as production roaster for Klatch Coffee Roasting, where he won numerous roasting awards and accolades. On the heels of his success, he started his own roasting company, Bangarang Coffee Roasters. The brand quickly became a cult hit in the industry, with its branding, tone and roasting style gaining recognition within a relatively short amount of time. In the two years Poletiek operated Bangarang, he earned 15 separate medals, including America’s Best Espresso, America’s Best Cold Brew and the Golden Bean Award.

“The only way to truly specialize in complex, clean, flavorful coffee is to focus on the entire process – from sourcing and technique, to flavor and presentation,” commented Poletiek, who has been part of Chapman Crafted Beer since its inception. “We are always trying to maintain a level of integrity, which includes working with importers that have a direct relationship with the farmers from whom we source to ensure our product is fresh and our coffee partners are compensated fairly for the incredible effort it takes to grow and process one of the world’s most widely consumed beverages.”


Chapman Crafted Coffee’s mid-century modern packaging design complements the specialty coffee roasting brand’s focus on presenting a refined, sophisticated product.

“We have been very deliberate with the conceptualization of our brand and how we are presenting our product with a throwback to a simpler time,” explained Dee. “With our lives getting busier and cluttered, we hope to present an opportunity to take a few minutes to indulge in a great cup of coffee.”

Plans for Chapman Crafted Coffee in the immediate future include the wholesale of beans in 12-ounce and 5-pound bags to specialty coffee retailers and restaurants, as well as the eventual introduction of cold brew in both kegs and cans.

Chapman Crafted Coffee will launch on January 23rd in conjunction with the release of First Roast coffee porter at the Chapman Crafted Beer Tasting Room in Old Towne Orange. For more information on Chapman Crafted Coffee, please visit

The newest brand under the Chapman Crafted Beverage Company umbrella, Chapman Crafted Coffee is committed to presenting the best in specialty crafted coffee, utilizing the highest quality ingredients and roasting processes. Like its sister company, Chapman Crafted Beer, the brand is inspired by the history, craftsmanship and community found in its surroundings to produce craft coffee that is focused on flavor and freshness. The goal is to deliver a unique experience that is a throwback to a simpler time – one cup at a time.

The origin of Chapman Crafted Beverage Company begins with its founding partners Wil Dee and Randy Nelson, two long-time entrepreneurial collaborators with extensive experience in real estate, hospitality, restaurant operations, and business development as well as a mutual appreciation for craft beverages, including beer, coffee and spirits.

For more information on Chapman Crafted Coffee, please visit

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