Beachwood BBQ Seal Beach Location Closes


A Message from Beachwood BBQ:

This is not easy. This decision has weighed heavily on us for over 100+ days. But in accepting the uncertainty of our current situation and accessing what is likely a challenging time ahead, we have made the unbearable decision not to reopen Beachwood Seal Beach.

We are unfortunately unable to operate as normal, it seems impossible to welcome customers back to our small space with the health and safety concerns that continue to loom large, it would be a disservice to us all to try and make a go of what is inevitability a no-win situation.

14 years ago, before we knew the impact that the word and meaning behind ‘craft’ would have in our lives, we set out to build a restaurant that provided the best food, the best drink, the best service and didn’t come with any of the pretenses. Along the way, we built a community where sharing food and conversation with the table next to you, where opening bottles of rare beer and talking about superconducting rocks spinning in liquid nitrogen was more normal than not.

Lena and I want to thank you for your support over the years, for trusting us to create food that stretched beyond your comfort zones, for talking endlessly behind the bar as we all explored new flavors and beer profiles, for growing with us as we expanded our businesses and our family.

Beachwood Seal Beach turned strangers into friends, employees into craft beer professionals and experts, first dates into marriages, newlyweds into parents, naysayers into enthusiasts.

We are endlessly grateful, emotionally drained but forever changed by this tiny seaside restaurant that grew into something we could have never imagined. Thank you so much friends for 14 years. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives, growing families, and most of all for helping us create a community when we all needed one the most. This is obviously not farewell, we’re still around and we’ll continue to grow. We are leaving Seal Beach with our heads held high, with an enormous amount of love and lasting memories.

With endless love and gratitude, Gabe and Lena.

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