WHAT: Administrative assistants are the backbone of the corporate world…the unsung heroes that actually get things done and keep businesses moving forward.  Bosses expect loyalty but sometimes their demands can extreme.  In honor of Nat’l Administrative Assistants Day (formerly Nat’l Secretaries Day, Antonello Ristorante is hosting the finalists of a contest to find the person tasked with the most outrageous demand from their bosses.  They recount their hellish tales before judges then enjoy a sumptuous meal in their honor.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 25 (Nat’l Admin Asst Day)

11:15 a.m.

WHERE: Antonello Ristorante

3800 South Plaza Drive (Across the street from South Coast Plaza)

Santa Ana

WHO: Katrina Haghighi: boss asked her to cook rancid pastrami to burn off the green mold.

Dawne Reed: boss told her to fake a letterhead on gov’t letterhead as a practical joke on another employee.  The gov’t fraud department showed up demanding to know who wrote the letter.

Ariann Conroy: worked at a hotel frequented by pro sports teams.  Was instructed to deliver condoms to their rooms and run interference when wives showed up unannounced.

Delia Quezada: had to inject her boss with “unknown substance” that later turned out to be illicit drug — he was sent to rehab 2 years later.

Paris Winston: Gay employee at hair salon asked to marry a woman to get her green card.

Ellen Rohan: Worked for an armed doctor who said to let him know when his brother showed up so he could shoot him dead.

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