Another Cool Collaboration: Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Partners With Buffalo Trace


Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar has developed a strong partnership with Buffalo Trace.

In early January, a handful of Lazy Dog representatives, including Chris Simms​, GabrielCaliendo​, Roshan Mendis​, ​Rebecca ​Simms, and Roder Montenegro​, traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to sample 15 different barrels of whiskey that Buffalo Trace has available. Lazy Dog selected and purchased five single barrels, one for each market. Each barrel is expected to yield anywhere between 21 and 25 cases. Each case was then bottled and marked with a unique Buffalo Trace medallion for each barrel​.​

In a brief Q & A:

How is it unique from what you buy at the liquor store? 

Since bourbon is aged in new charred oak barrels, every batch in a single barrel will have its own unique flavors based on the wood and other factors. All barrels are blended to create a consistent flavor when bottling for Buffalo Trace. Thanks to our partnership with Buffalo Trace, we are bottling only what came from the specific barrels we selected, meaning each bottle will have its own unique flavors that you wouldn’t find when buying a bottle from the liquor store.

Is it available now at all locations?

This will be available at all Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar locations while supplies last.

Any other info you have to share?

When tasting the different barrels, Lazy Dog was sure to choose the barrels that had the most balanced flavors in order to appeal to a wider range of whiskey drinkers.

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