AhbA’s Dinner Menu Brings the Mediterranean to Laguna Beach


By Dianne Russell

What’s the best recommendation anyone could give a new restaurant? How about – dropping in for lunch and then coming back for dinner on the same day. That’s a pretty solid endorsement.

On Friday, Tina and Brian Steincke, their son Cole, and Brian’s mother – who was visiting from New York – did just that. Evidently, they live close by and dine there frequently. Tina said, “We love AhbA, we go all the time. It has such a great atmosphere, delicious food; they’ve made it so you don’t want to leave!”

I couldn’t agree more. AhbA, which features Mediterranean cuisine with an Israeli influence, has been open three months for breakfast and lunch (six days a week, Tuesday – Saturday) and started serving dinner three weeks ago…

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