A Salute to Tommy Martin


A Salute To Tommy Martin

Great Taste Magazine joins Five Crowns in recognizing Tommy Martin for his 50 years of service. Congratulations Tommy, you’re amazing!

In 1968, our favorite Brit, Tommy Martin, moved to Orange County from the East Coast. Seeing Five Crowns’ Tudor architecture and red English phone booth, he quickly applied for a job, sensing he and the restaurant would be a perfect fit. Lucky for Lawry’s he was right. Little did they know that half a century later, after working as bartender, wine captain and now as Guest Ambassador, Tommy would be Lawry’s longest serving active co-worker.

His energetic, positive attitude and genuine desire to make every moment memorable have endeared him to two generations of guests. For many, a night at Five Crowns without a visit tableside from him doesn’t quite seem the same. For first-timers, meeting such a colorful and charming character, English accent and all, has been a wonderful introduction to the restaurant, its hospitality and its history.

We’re very pleased to announce that, to celebrate and honor his remarkable ongoing tenure at Five Crowns, they’ve named the restaurant’s main dining room the Tommy Martin Room.

He learned the news at a special co-worker meeting on June 1st. Toasts were offered and a cake decorated with Tommy’s signature Roadrunner namesake was shared as the new name plaque was unveiled. He says he had an inkling he might receive a small recognition of his long service but was very surprised to have the dining room named for him.

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