7 Big Restaurant Trends in 2020


By Fielding Buck

Customers can look forward to something new in Taco Bell restaurants, and it’s not the latest version of Nacho Fries.

The Irvine-based chain will have recycling bins, composting bins, and packaging without certain harmful industrial chemicals.

A pledge to be more eco-friendly is at the top of Taco Bell’s initiatives for 2020, and it’s not surprising.

Eco-friendly packaging is one of the trends the National Restaurant Association and industry watchers such as data firm Technomic, Forbes, and QSR Magazine have pegged to be big in 2020.

The National Restaurant Association’s  “What’s Hot 2020 Culinary Survey” and other reports pull together some of the bright ideas restaurants are exploring in the coming year, including environmentally friendly packaging, meatless proteins, a focus on mobile ordering and delivery, ghost kitchens and bowls filled with mostly healthy ingredients.”

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