25 Degrees Change of Ownership


25 Degrees Huntington Beach A long time ago, at the end of 2019, Johnny Nosich received a message from staff at 25 Degrees. The Restaurant they had spent so much of their lives in, was going to be sold. The staff wanted to buy it. They did it!!!

Owning an HB biz, Johnny knows what’s it’s like to sacrifice and spend your entire adult life on your business. Johnny remembers how tough it was when he opened. Now imagine the worry, risk, sweat, stress, nerves of opening your own business and then this crisis occurs. The 25 Degrees Team is handling it like pros!!!!! But they need the HB commUNITY support.

In February, he went down and had the “best meatballs” in HB, along with some cocktails. He snapped this pic of the ABC transfer. It’s a significant milestone in the biz. It’s dated January 2020.

Tuesday Johnny received a text out of the blue from Chad Cranford, that the 25 Degrees crew wanted to feed his crew. He agreed, only if he could feed their crew too. And last night his Staff was surprised, stoked and absolutely loved the fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and asparagus! 25 degrees is a Chef-driven HB treasure. And the Bartenders are just as highly skilled.

New owners following their dreams, supporting their FAMILIES, in the middle of this crisis… well if that isn’t reason enough to follow their social media, share their posts and eat/drink from their take out menu sometime soon…

Just give ’em a try! Give em a follow/like!

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