2020 Cheeseburger Challenge Results Released


Pasadena celebrated all things cheeseburger during Cheeseburger Week® January 26th to 31st. Visitors enjoyed food created especially for the event, took advantage of great deals, followed cheeseburger crawls and voted in the 2020 Cheeseburger Challenge®. In all, 1720 votes were cast in the challenge to determine favorites in 15 categories ranging from Favorite Place for a Burger to Favorite Dessert after a Burger.

Every restaurant is entered in the Favorite Place for a Burger category. Each restaurant that participated for the first time is entered in the Favorite New Restaurant for a Burger category. Besides the Favorite Place for a Burger, restaurants can then enter in up to two additional categories in the 2020 Cheeseburger Challenge®. Voting is conducted online.

“Thank you to all the restaurant participants and everyone who voted in this year’s Cheeseburger Challenge®,” said Pasadena Chamber CEO Paul Little. “It is exciting to see the interest and enthusiasm everyone shows for Cheeseburger Week® in Pasadena. We all have Lionel Sternberger and the Rite Spot to thank for inventing the cheeseburger in Pasadena in 1924.”

Congratulations to those named Favorites in these categories in the 2020 Cheeseburger Challenge®:

Favorite Place to go for a Burger

  1. Dog Haus/Dog Haus Biergarten: 19%
  2. The Stand 15%
  3. The Langham Huntington Hotel 10.5%

Favorite Innovative Burger

  1. Umami Burger 18%
  2. Kings Row Gastropub 13%
  3. The Pan 7%

Favorite Lunch Counter Burger:

  1. Pie ‘n Burger 32%
  2. The Counter 29%
  3. The Pan 18%

Favorite Traditional Cheeseburger

  1. The Stand 32%
  2. Clearman’s Galley 16%
  3. Cindy’s Restaurant 9%

Favorite Sliders

  1. Dog Haus 15%
  2. Ruth’s Chris Steak House 9%
  3. Foothill 8%

Favorite Gourmet Burger

  1. Dog Haus 36%%
  2. The Stand 27%
  3. Terrace at the Langham (tie) 14%

Favorite Alternative burger

  1. Umami Burger (Impossible Burger) 24%
  2. The Counter (Bison Burger) 17%
  3. True Food Kitchen (Upside Down Quinoa Burger) 11%

Favorite Turkey Burger

  1. Barney’s Beanery 26%
  2. The Great Maple/Green Street Restaurant (tie) 18%
  3. Kathleen’s Restaurant 9%

Favorite Sit-down/White Table Cloth Burger

  1. Fleming’s Prime Steak House and Wine Bar 26%
  2. The Royce Wood Fired Steakhouse at the Langham 25%
  3. Alexander’s Steakhouse 18%

Favorite New Participating Restaurant

  1. Alexander’s Steakhouse 25.5%
  2. Granville 24%
  3. Café 1919 at the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens 17%

Favorite Bar Burger

  1. Dog Haus Biergarten 25.5%
  2. Fleming’s/Clearman’s Galley (tie) 12%
  3. White Horse Lounge 8%

Favorite Veggie/Vegan Burger

  1. Taproom at the Langham 16%%
  2. True Food Kitchen 12.5%
  3. La Grande Orange Café 7%

Favorite Craft Beer with a Burger

  1. Dog Haus Biergarten 16%
  2. Kings Row Gastropub 14.5%
  3. Lucky Baldwin’s 11%

Favorite Dessert After a Burger

  1. Pie ‘n Burger 28.43%
  2. The Terrace at the Langham 22.5%
  3. Stonefire Grill 14%

Favorite Cocktail with a Burger

  1. Taproom at the Langham 21.5%
  2. White Horse Lounge 17%
  3. Paul Martin’s American Grill 16%

Here are the participants for 2020:

“Cheeseburger Week® is always great fun for the participants and patrons. The venues all put a lot of energy and creativity into their menus,” according to Mr. Little. “Everyone has a great time promoting Pasadena as the ‘Home of the Cheeseburger’ while indulging in some really tasty burgers.”

For address, menu and other information visit www.pasadenarestaurantweek.com. Look for Pasadena Restaurant Week coming April 26 to May 1, 2020.

Cheeseburger Week® is a Pasadena Restaurant Week and California Restaurant Month event presented by the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. Cheeseburger Week® is generously sponsored by Wells Fargo.

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