2017 OC Fair By the Numbers


The 127th OC Fair lasted 23 days and included five clowns, five costumed “Foodie” characters and the newest mama pig at Centennial Farm had 11 piglets. Fairgoers devoured 4,900 “Unicorn” Pork Legs, and after more than 300 gamers participated in the inaugural e-sports gaming fest on Aug. 12 and 13, the 2017 OC Fair came to an end.

“The 2017 OC Fair was a tremendous success,” said Michele Richards, VP of Business Development for OC Fair & Event Center. “It was wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of Fairgoers as they enjoyed all that we had to offer. We can’t wait to see everyone back next year for more Farm Fresh Fun.”

Exhibitors and vendors went all out for the Farm Fresh Fun theme, with 23 days of Livestock action, culinary demos and 30 sold-out performances in Pacific Amphitheatre, The Hangar and Action Sports Arena.

Food at the 2017 OC Fair:

Bacon A Fair – 4,900 “Unicorn” Pork Legs were sold, and Fairgoers bought 20,000 pounds of bacon.

Chicken Charlie’s – 6,000 Fried Peanut Butter Meatballs were sold, 4,000 Krispy Kreme Ice Cream Chicken Sandwiches, 4,500 Funnel Cake Burritos, 15,000 Pupu Wings and 6,000 Luau Chimichangas.

Juicy’s – 40,005 turkey legs were sold.

RCS food vendors (including Biggy’s) – These folks mixed and fried over 1 ton of funnel cake batter, sold 12,000 feet of churros and 22,500 pounds of fries. They also fried an entire semi-trailer full of Oreos and sold four semi-trailers worth of cotton candy. Not to mention the truck load of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that was used, two entire fields of corn, 2,200 pounds of fresh strawberries, 10,000 pounds of cane sugar, 7,000 pounds of ribs and 1,200 pounds of popcorn seed.



The 2017 OC Fair, held at OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, was held July 14 through Aug. 12, offering 23 days and nights of entertainment, food, rides, shopping, exhibits and more. OC Fair & Event Center is home to the annual OC Fair and Imaginology events, as well as Centennial Farm and Heroes Hall – both open to the public year-round. For more information, visit ocfair.com.

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