Independent Restaurant Population Shrinking


The numberof U.S. restaurants have droppedby almost 1 percent due to a decline of independent restaurants across the nation,according to global information company The NPD Group. Chain restaurants have increased, while independent restaurants experienced a drop, causing the overall decline.

The NPD Group reported that in the LA metro area, which includes Orange County, restaurants havedeclined by.2 percent, with a 1.3 percent drop in independent restaurants and rise of 1.1 percent in chain restaurants.

As a nation, restaurants see a 1 percent decline, but a 1 percent rise in chain restaurants while independent restaurants suffer a 2 percent drop. Full-service restaurants experienced the hardest hit while restaurant goers opted for the more fast-casual dining experience.

Restaurant decline

“Without the increase in fast-casual chain units, we would be seeing greater declines in restaurant counts,”NPD Foodservice’s director of product management Greg Starzynski said in a press release.

Despite the overall decrease in restaurants, markets such as Las Vegas and San Jose have seen a 4 percent increase in restaurant counts.

Posted 03/10/15by JD

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