Got Produce? Releases Greenhouse App for iPad


got produce

Got Produce?announced today the launch of its mobile app (application). The franchise, headquartered in San Francisco with hydroponic greenhouse deployments in Africa continues to innovate its solution. The app allows the end-user to operate the systems via ipad device.

The Got Produce? greenhouses run on a turn-key computer based operating system and are required for full operation. The app functions as the demo version of the firms touch-screen control interface. The interface gathers and reports data including alarm e-mail notifications, maintenance reminders, emergency vent procedures for high wind activity and more.

In a world where the majority of the population is undernourished, Got Produce? solves the problem of lack of food in arid or non-fertile areas. The disruptive technology is more effective and efficient than traditional farming, using only 2% of the water.

Posted by Lauren Harrity 10/12/13

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