Support the Electric City Butcher Expansion


The Electric City Butcher Kickstarter Campaign to fund their recently started expansion is now LIVE! They are asking all of their guests to consider supporting their growing business with a contribution of as little as $25!

Check Out the Electric City Butcher Kickstarter Campaign

Their $20,000 Kickstarter Campaign will help fund the expansion of the shop by more than 50%, finally providing the retail space they’ve always wanted. This already-under-construction project will include:

  • Electric City Butcher Expansion Modelthree new refrigerated display cases
  • more than 200 sq. ft. of retail shelving
  • our own exterior door on Bush Street
  • even a few stools for our guests to sit at while they enjoy signature ECB sandwiches.

Every little bit helps. Please give whatever you can TODAY! ECB thanks you for all your support!

For more information, visit

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