Ramen Tayosei: Help Transform From Vision to Reality

This is the ramen you've definitely never had before.


Alex Park, an experienced individual of the kitchen and restaurant industry, has an idea for a ramen shop that fuses together the traditions of Japan with an influence of Mexican flavors. Here’s their pitch:

“We want to bring ramen closer to you, West Costa Mesa. Now, let’s talk about our ramen. One thing we have noticed, is that nowadays, you can get a pretty great traditional bowl of Japanese ramen for about $10. Traditional ramen broths are the common Tonkotsu, shio, shoyu and miso. Served with your traditional ramen noodles. But here’s the twist. While carrying our upmost respect for the ancient art, we’re not here to settle for traditional. We’re here to passionately create a new dimension of playful flavors, and bring them to your mouths. We want to have the opportunity to open new doors and invite you to come get weird, drink and eat Ramen Tayosei.

Where we can introduce our creations (masa ramen noodle, oxtail broth, vegan, Mexican hominy broth) to our new neighborhood and adventurous eaters. Our goal is to break free of the norm, and develop new concepts of blending cultures, recipes, techniques and tastes. Keeping it simple, but making it sexy. And we want you there.

About us: We’ll start with our mad scientist ramen maker, Alex Park. Without having to put his whole resume on blast, let’s keep it short. This is someone one could say, was born with it. That thing that some of us spend hours practicing to become, or for those lucky enough to just have, it. At first, there’s that seed that is in within us all, the feeling that we want to do something, something special. But we just don’t know what. After years in the hot belly of the industry, non-existant sleep cycles, late nights brainstorming, Alex did. That very day, Ramen Tayosei was born. From little Alex to big Alex, the kitchen is where he was meant to be. Not just cooking, but creating – is his true calling. Ramen Tayosei, is where he’d like to show you.”

If you feel excited or interested in their concept, feel free to help them by donating at gofundme.com

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