Chef Dominque Crenn’s VitaBowl Launches Snack Bites Nationwide via Indigogo


VitaBites, the protein power bite with only 5 ingredients, is the latest tasty creation from VitaBowl and first nationally available product to be released. With few snacks containing pure ingredients VitaBites was developed to fill a huge gap in the protein bar and snack categories by being dairy free, gluten free, nut free, soy free, GMO free, and sugar free without any added preservatives while still remaining shelf stabile. Utilizing simple whole ingredients and incorporating the lesser known natural sweetener monk fruit sugar, the bites are reminiscent of eating a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough straight out of the bowl.  However, VitaBites are packed with 5 grams of protein, vitamins and minerals, while having a low glycemic index that is even suitable for diabetics so they can truly by enjoyed by everyone regardless of diet restrictions.

Despite the drastic changes in routines for many people, the demand is still high for healthy quick snacks with nutrition being a dominant deciding factor. “As an athlete and someone who travels a lot, the things I am looking for are convenience and quality — when you get both of those things, that’s a home run!” says performance athlete Austin Healy. Currently, there are very limited options in the market for nutrient dense, convenient, on-demand snacks that are also packaged with eco-friendly materials and VitaBites hit the mark with this new product. The shape of the bites was thoughtfully created to help extend shelf life without the use of preservatives or unnecessary ingredients while the slim biodegradable package design allows them to be easily thrown into a bag or stored in the pantry.  As investor and advisor Oliver Trevena says, “They are so small but they’ve got everything you need for energy”, don’t be deceived by the size because they are a rich source of protein, fiber, and omegas which provide sustained energy.

VitaBites were created by a powerhouse culinary team, a team much larger than the ingredient list, and are born from the beliefs that food can heal from within and that convenient on-demand snacks can also be eco-friendly. Dominique Crenn, Head of VitaBowl’s Culinary Council and the first 3 Michelin Star female Chef in the United States, created VitaBites alongside Chief Nutritionist Sarah Brandow, MSC to find an allergy friendly snack everyone can enjoy, from kids to high performance athletes, to our elders. “There is so much power in plant-based food — food is medicine… and each ingredient has a purpose.” said Crenn. Traditionally protein bars and other snacks add a lot of sugars and processed ingredients to be shelf stable and palatable however the VitaBites team employed their vast knowledge of natural and plant-based ingredients to create their delicious and nourishing snack. The simple combination of sunflower butter, monk fruit sugar, monk fruit chocolate, pea protein, and vanilla bean is the embodiment of Chef Crenn’s philosophy. VitaBites truly are the perfect nutrient dense, convenient snack everyone can enjoy!

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