Chef’d Partners with Celebrity Chefs to Deliver Gourmet Recipes and Ingredients


Chef'd recipe card 3Chef’d is a gourmet delivery service that brings famous recipes and pre-portioned, premium ingredients straight to consumers’ front doors. The company will be launching an Indiegogo campaign starting December 10th and seeks to raise funding, which will allow them to test operations and improve their process.

The concept behind Chef’d is that many people would love to cook a great, gourmet meal at home, but are far too busy and lack the time to go through the process. With Chef’d, customers can order famous recipes online and have the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to their door. Chef’d does the meal planning and grocery shopping for their customers. This eliminates the time-consuming prep work that is usually involved in cooking, such as a lengthy trip to the grocery store.

Chef’d empowers people to cook like their favorite chefs in the comfort of their own home. Chef’d has partnered with celebrity chefs, popular restaurants, culinary brands, and food media sources to bring people the luxury of creating their favorite gourmet meals in their own kitchen. There will be many well known recipes available for delivery including some famous restaurant favorites. This also provides a unique opportunity for their celebrity partners to build a strong consumer relationship by sharing their love of food and knowledge of recipes.

“The idea behind Chef’d is that anyone, regardless of their confidence level in the kitchen, should have the opportunity to cook a fresh meal in their own home,” said co-founder Jesse Langley. “As consumers, we appreciate the ability to have many choices for dinner and enjoy the option to select from a specific type of brand, cuisine, or lifestyle.”

While there are currently similar home delivery options available, Chef’d sets itself apart from the competition because of their extensive recipe list. Unlike other services that limit consumers to a few different options per week, Chef’d customers will have the opportunity to choose from nearly 100 recipes at any time from culinary brands they trust. Customers are also able to re-order the meals that they love.

Chef’d will be launching its Indiegogo campaign on December 10th and will run for 35 days. Chef’d boxes will start at $45 for two people. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Posted by Rachel Allan


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