The Bold Blend at Bruxie


imgres-3Bruxie has introduced its new custom crafted coffee, The Bold Blend, at all six restaurant locations. Bruxie Partners, Kelly Mullarney and Dean Simon, set out to deliver a Chef-driven coffee experience that would be bold and complex enough to stand up to and complement the flavors on the Bruxie menu. The locally roasted specialty coffee features a proprietary blend of 100% fair trade imported coffee beans. The four-bean blend utilizes varying roasting techniques and styles to create a truly unique coffee experience.

The Bold Blend is comprised of the following beans, flavor profiles and bodies:

Sumatra: Cedar, rich tobacco, dried peppers and citrus. This coffee has a heavy body and wonderful acidity, along with lots of clean, rich tobacco and spice. This coffee is roasted separately and a little darker, and is responsible for providing The Bold Blend with its long lingering finish.

Brazil: Almonds, cocoa and butter. This coffee is very delicate and is roasted a little lighter. It has mild flavors of dark chocolate, with a wonderful balance and acidity that really layers well in The Bold Blend.

Ethiopia: Blueberries, kiwi and exotic. The aroma from Ethiopian coffee is so inviting and vibrant, that it gives The Bold Blend its sweet scent.

Costa Rica: Caramel aroma, nutty, citrus and balanced acidity. Coffees from Costa Rica are typically very sweet, and this coffee puts the first sweet notes into The Bold Blend.

Bruxie also offers The Bold Blend Decaf option for those looking for a rich experience that is free of caffeine. Created by utilizing a Swiss water process for its decaffeination, Bruxie delivers a chemical-free product that is on par with its original blend.

Posted by Erica Schmucker

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