Ame Restaurant at The St. Regis San Francisco Debuts Fugu Fin Sake and Nigiri Specialties


As the winter chill settles in, Ame Restaurant, the acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant located at The St. Regis San Francisco, is serving a warm sipper to battle the city’s crisp temps its signature Fugu Fin Sake, a warm death-defying cocktail made from blowfish. In addition, Ame’s beloved former chef Takashi Saito, a notable culinary force in SF and beyond who recently returned to Ame from Izakaya Yuzuki, has quickly embraced his old roots, introducing a special nigiri sushi menucomprised of Japanese delicacies.

Ame’s Fugu Fin Sake is made from Tora Fugu, a Japanese specialty, and considered the highest quality of all the Fugu family. During winter, Fugu hire-zake fins are toasted and served in warm Karatomba Honjozo sake. When submerged in the sake, the toasted oils from the fins enrich the sake with a luscious umami flavor. The resulting drink is rich, complex, and completely unique.

As you may know, blowfish is known to be a very poisonous fish that can be lethal if not sliced and prepared properly. So please, do not try this at home! Executive Chef Hiro Sone and his superior team of chefs and mixologists are pleased to offer guests the exciting opportunity to try this delicacy throughout the winter months. Featuring the Honjozo style “Karatamba” Sake from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, this seasonal drink is served warm with a toasted fugu fin, and is priced at $17 for 6 ounces.

The perfect accompaniment for the sake is the new nigiri tasting menu. Together with Chef Hiro Sone, Chef Saito intends to elevate the sushi dining experience with the enhancement of one to two ingredients that increase the umami in the fish, ultimately bringing a deeper flavor and texture to the nigiri. This sushi presents almost like jewels, beautifully garnished and presented. The nigiri offering of six different types of fish is priced at $30.

For more information or to make a reservation, please visit or call 415-284-4040. Ame is located at The St. Regis San Francisco at 689 Mission Street and will be open throughout the holidays. I have included an image of the sake, sushi, and dining room below. Thank you in advance for considering.

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