ACF/OECA Nomination Deadline

acfNominations for the elections deadline is March 21th,2015.
Please send your nominations for the new Board of Directors by that date to attention of :
Election Nomination Chair: c/o <[email protected]>
Theyneed four Nomination Committee Members, and two Judges from the general membership.
If you are interested to serve in these positions, please let them know.
The list of the openings in the new “2015/2017” board of directors:
President: (for two years)
First Vice President: (for two years)
Second Vice President: (for two years)
Sargent-At-Arms: (for two years)
Secretary: (for two years)
Recording Secretary:(for two years)
Treasurer: (for two years)
Membership Chair:(for two years)
Certification Chair: (for two years)
Chef and the Child Chair: (for two years)
Public Relation Chair: (for two years)
Fund Raising Chair: (for two years)
Culinary Salon Chair: (for two years)
Board Member: (for two years)

Board Member: (for two years)

Board Member: (for four years)
Board Member: (for four years)
Junior Members’ Chair: (for two years)
Purveyor Board Member: (for two years)
posted 03/10/15 by Andrea Gonzalez
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