5-day wine tasting/pairing & service Intensives begin April 27


wineBusy wine professionals don’t always think about formal wine education but two new programs fromSan Francisco Wine School were designed just for them. Just five days long and extremely targeted, the School’s new Advanced Tasting and Advanced Service intensives were built by School founder and Master Sommelier David Glancy to help the best in the business quickly and expertly hone their professional skills and train for any upper-level tasting or service exam. Glancybased the new programs on more than a decade of teaching blind tasting and service, plus input from his team of elite instructors, who hold the top credentials in the industry.

“This is my dream program, says Glancy. ‘We’ve had a lot of success with our Somm Essentials program and beginning tasting and service workshops, but I wanted to create something intensive enough for serious pros. Nowhere else will you find a workshop where you can experience 30 manipulated wine samples alongside 20 unaltered wines. I wish something like this was around when I was training to become a Master Sommelier.”

Advanced Tasting runs mornings April 27 through May 1, 2015, and Advanced Service follows in the afternoon. Taken together or separately, the programs provide an action-packed, five-day intensive for experienced students preparing for all upper level sommelier and other tasting exams, polishing their professional skills or wanting to dive more deeply into their passions. The programs will take place at Viognier – The Restaurant at Draeger’s in San Mateo, making them easily accessible for locals and those flying into the San Francisco Bay Area. Another session of both programs will be taught June 29 through July 3.

Advanced Tasting
Led by David Glancy, MS, CWE, the hands-on Advanced Tasting Program comprises a series of focused workshops designed to polish blind wine analysis techniques, challenging both experienced wine enthusiasts and students preparing for competitions and upper level wine exams.

Tastings will include wine manipulated 30 different ways to sharpen the student’s ability to isolate and identify wine flaws, assess wine structure, and identify fruit, spice, herb, oak and other aromas. Students will learn deductive tasting methodologies needed for upper exams with Society of Wine Educators, Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine Spirit Education Trust, Institute of Masters of Wine and others. Attendees will also taste dozens of unaltered wines from around the world to help hone varietal and regional identification skills, and drills will emphasize focus, timing, descriptions and conclusions.

Strong wine theory and blind tasting experience are recommended prerequisites. Beginning students should take Somm Essentials, Blind Wine Tasting Basics, Tasting, Chemistry & Flaws, or equivalent, prior to enrolling. Students focused on fine dining service or preparing for upper level sommelier exams may also consider the Advanced Service Program that follows in the afternoon.

Advanced Tasting Program includes:

  • Structure & Aroma Component Tasting
  • Tasting Methodologies (SWE, WSET, CMS, MW)
  • High Acid Whites & Thin Skinned Reds
  • Aromatic Whites & Thick Skinned Reds
  • Flaw Identification

Program details
Monday-Friday, April 27 through May 1, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Next session: June 29-July 3
Program fee $795
Viognier – The Restaurant at Draeger’s, 222 East 4th Street, San Mateo

Advanced Service
Led by David Glancy, MS, CWE, the hands-on, interactive Advanced Service Program will enhance skills in all areas of beverage service. The program is tailored for experienced professionals seeking to provide better service on the job and will be challenging for students preparing for competitions or upper level exams with any sommelier credentialing body.

Tray service, sparkling wine service and wine decanting techniques will be improved during tableside service drills. Students will tackle wax sealed bottles, practice proper restaurant service with CoraVin, and learn the gold standards of hospitality in challenging situations and with challenging customers. Advanced food and wine pairing theory will be put to the test during an exploration of the interactions of herbs, spices, sauces and more, with a diverse selection of wines. From the amuse-bouche to dessert and cheese, the progression of flavors in multi-course meals will be studied, and students will learn how to apply their pairing skills to their own wine, beer, spirit and cocktail lists. Participants will polish sales techniques and improve profit management skills throughout the program.

Beginning service students are encouraged to take Somm Essentials or an equivalent program or have prior beverage service experience before enrolling in this intensive. Students focused on blind tasting or preparing for upper level WSET, SWE, or sommelier exams may also consider the Advanced Tasting Program that precedes this program in the morning.

Topics covered include:

  • Tray & Sparkling Wine Service
  • CoraVin & Decanting Service
  • Advanced Food & Wine Pairing
  • Wine List Project & Beer, Spirits & Cocktail Pairing
  • Challenging Bottles, Situations & Customers

Program details
Monday-Friday, April 27 through May 1, 1-4 p.m.
Next session: June 29-July 3
Program fee $795
Viognier – The Restaurant at Draeger’s, 222 East 4th Street, San Mateo

View San Francisco Wine School’s full class schedule visit:sanfranciscowineschool.com

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